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  • 7/4/2016 4:03:07 PM

House in Monterrey, Mexico

Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando this Mexican abode clearly highlights Ando’s inspiration, the Buddhist concept of Zen. Ando’s architectural style evokes simplicity and centers itself around internal feelings as opposed to external appearance. This explains, at least in part, Ando’s use of simple lines and vast amounts of water.


Villa Vista, Sri Lanka

Designed by Shigeru Ban, this stunning house is situated on a hilltop and offers stunning essence and views of ocean, jungle and Cliffside.

The modern domicile is made from concrete, coal teak and coconut leaves, and is part of a series of residences created post-tsunami.

Raul House, Chile

This Chilean home offers spectacular views both indoor and out. Located in the hills surrounding the Aculeo Lagoon,

The house was designed by and plays home to architect Mathias Klotz. The single story dwelling is built on the side of a hill near Santiago Raul house offers continuous space and openness in the modernist architectural tradition.

Shakin Stevens house by Mett Gibson Architecture + design


Matt Gibson Architecture + Design have designed the Shakin Stevens House in Melbourne, Australia. The conceptual drive for the interior of this house is largely in response to a brief which crystallized into a need to be connected with ‘green’ space.

Sky garden house

Sky garden house by Guz Architects .Here's a house with gardens on all three levels designed by Singaporean studio Guz Architects on Santosa Island, Singapore. The curved roof at the top is also covered in grass and affords views of the bay beyond.